Capturing geometry from complex parts is too hard by using traditional measuring tools. 3D scanning and reverse engineering technology make it easier. Geomagic Design X is the best worldwide reverse engineering standalone software (STL to CAD).


  • Total 24 Hours (6 Lecture)
  • 2 Lectures per week
  • 4 Hours Per Lecture

Who Should attend?

  • Mold Designer
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Product Designer
  • Industrial Designer


  • CAD Experience.


  • Advanced level


  • Introduction to reverse engineering and 3D scanning
  • User interface
  • Mesh Editing
  • Align Scan Data
  • Strategies and Surface Reconstruction
  • AutoSurafcing
  • Transfer CAD data to SolidWorks

Required tools

  • Computer with Geomagic Design X installed

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