Mold Design is a scientific skill that required a lot of knowledge side for example plastic material, injection process, mold types, and other topics. In this course, you will learn all the practical topics that prepare you to make a successful design.


  • Total 30 Hours (5 Lecture)
  • 1 Lectures per week
  • 6 Hours Per Lecture

Who Should attend?

  • Mold Designer
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Plastic Manufacturers


  • Engineering and Plastic industry Background
  • CAD Experience.


  • All levels


  • Plastic Material
  • Injection Molding Process
  • Plastic Part Design
  • Two-Plate Mold
  • Three-Plate Mold
  • Hot Runner Mold
  • Mold Systems (Feeding, Cooling, Ejection,..etc)

Required tools

  • Non

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